26th July – 1st August: Discover This Fascinating Week in Film History

This week we cover the period between 26th July – 1st August as we look back at the the fascinating past of the film industry. We love to celebrate the history of cinema here at More Movies and we really enjoy delving into and highlighting some of the most interesting moments in the world of movies, including milestone releases, births and deaths of the industry’s most notable characters, along with other historic happenings.

26th July - 1st June

Vitascope Hall, the first permanent for-profit movie theatre, opens in New Orleans
26th July, 1896

American writer and director Blake Edwards, known for The Pink Panther and Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma
26th July, 1922

American actor Jason Robards, known for All The Presidents Men and Magnolia, was born in Chicago, Illinois
26th July, 1922

American actor Victor Wong, Known for Big Trouble in Little China and Tremors, was born in San Francisco, California
30th July, 1927

American director Stanley Kubrick, was born in The Bronx, NYC. You can check out our TOp 5 Kubrick Films here.
26th July, 1928

White Zombie was released. It was the first feature length zombie film. It was directed by Victor Halperin and stars Bela Lugosi.
28th July, 1932

Indian film actress Meena Kumari was born in Dadar, Mumbai, India
1st August, 1932

American comedian and actor Dom DeLuise, known for History of the World: Part 1 and The Cannonball Run, was born in Brooklyn, New York
1st August 1933

American actor Geoffrey Lewis known for Thunderbolt and Lightfoot and Salem’s Lot, was born in Plainfield, New Jersey
31st July, 1935

American actor, director and producer Peter Bogdanovich, known for The Last Picture Show and Paper Moon, was born in Kingston, New York
30th July, 1939

English actor David Warner, known for Straw Dogs and Time Bandits, was born in Manchester, England
29th July, 1941

American film director Peter Hyams, known for Capricorn One and Timecop, was born in NYC, New York
26th July, 1943

American actor Geraldine Chaplin, known for Doctor Zhivago and The Three Musketeers, as well as for being the daughter of Charlie Chaplin, born in Santa Monica, California
31st July, 1944

English actress Helen Mirren, known for The Queen and The Madness of King George, was born in London, England
26th July, 1945

Austrian-born American body builder and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous for playing The Terminator and becoming the 38th Governor of California, was born in Thal, Austria
30th July, 1947

American actor William Atherton, known for Ghostbusters and Die Hard, was born in Orange, Connecticut
30th July, 1947

British actor Richard Griffiths, known for Withnail & I and the Harry Potter films, was born in Thornaby-on-Tees, England
31st July, 1947

Moroccan-French actor Jean Reno, known for Leon and Les Visitors, was born in Casablanca, Morocco
30th July, 1948

English actor and model Susan George, famous for Straw Dogs and Enter the Ninja, was born in London, England
26th July, 1950

Walt Disney’s animated musical film Alice In Wonderland is released
28th July, 1951

American director and documentary film producer Ken Burns, known for The Civil War, was born in Brooklyn, New York
29th July, 1953

On the Waterfront, directed by Elia Kazan starring Marlon Brando and Eva Marie Saint, is released. It later receives the Academy Award for Best Picture 1955
28th July, 1954

French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, known for Betty Blue and Killing Zoe, was born in Thouars, Deux-Sèvres, France
29th July, 1955

American actor Michael Biehn, known for The Terminator, Aliens and The Abyss, was born in Anniston, Alabama
31st July, 1956

American comic, actor and writer Taylor Negron, known for Fast Times at Ridgemont High and The Last Boy Scout, was born in Glendale, California
1st August, 1957

American filmmaker Richard Linklater, known for Before Sunrise and Boyhood, was born in Houston, Texas
30th July, 1960

American actor Laurence Fishburne, known for The Matrix and Apocalypse Now, was born in Augusta, Georgia
30th July, 1961

American actor Wesley Snipes, known for Passenger 57 and the Blade trilogy, was born in Orlando, Florida
31st July, 1962

Hong Kong actor, martial artist and director Donnie Yen, known for Ip Man and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, was born in Guangzhou, China
27th July, 1963

American actress Sandra Bullock, known for Speed and Miss Congeliality, was born in Washington, D.C.
26th July, 1964

The Beatles movie Help! premieresin London with Queen Elizabeth in attendence
29th July, 1965

British stage and film director Sam Mendes, known for Skyfall and 1917, was born in Reading, Berkshire, England
1st July, 1965

British actor Jason Statham, known for The Transporter and Snatch, was born in Shirebrook, Derbyshire
26th July, 1967

English film director Christopher Nolan, known for Inception and Dunkirk, was born in London, England
30th July, 1970

American actor Frances Farmer, dies from cancer at just 56
1st August, 1970

American actor Elizabeth Berkley, known for Showgirls, was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan
28th July, 1972

American actor Wil Wheaton, known for Stand By Me, was born in Burbank, California
29th July, 1972

British actor Kate Beckinsale, known for the Underworld series, was born in London
26th July, 1973

American actor Stephen Dorff, known for Backbeat and Felon, was born in Atlanta, Georgia
29th July, 1973

American actress Hilary Swank, known for Boys Don’t Cry and Million Dollar Baby, was born in Lincoln, Nebraska
30th July, 1974

English actress Emilia Fox, known for The Pianist, was born in London
31st July, 1974

Jason Momoa, American actor known for playing Aquaman, was born in Honolulu, Hawaii
1st August, 1979

American actor Strother Martin, known for Cool Hand Luke and Slapshot, dies of heart attack at 61
1st August, 1980

American film director William Wyler, known for his films Ben-Hur and Roman Holiday, dies at 79
27th July, 1981

British actor David Niven, dies in Switzerland of Lou Gehrig’s disease at 73
29th July, 1983

British actor James Mason knopwn for his roles in Lolita and North by Northwest, dies of a heart attack at 75
27th July, 1984

American football player and actor John David Washington, known for BlacKkKlansman and Tenet, was born in Los Angeles, California
28th July, 1984

American actor Benson Fong, known for playing Charlie Chan, dies at 70
1st August, 1987

South African government bans anti-apartheid film Cry Freedom
29th July, 1988

Zsa Zsa Gabor begins a three day jail sentence for slapping a police officer in Beverly Hills
27th July, 1990

Actress Hedy Lamarr, aged 77, is arrested for shoplifting in Florida
1st August 1991

American choreographer Jerome Robbins, known for his work on West Side Story, dies at 79
29th July, 1998

English-born American actor, comedian and entertainer Bob Hope, dies at 100
27th July, 2003

Italian film director Michelangelo Antonioni, known for his films Blow-Up and The Passenger, dies at 94
30th July, 2007

Swedish film director Ingmar Bergman, known for his films The Seventh Seal and Wild Strawberries, dies at 89
30th July, 2007

Slumdog Millionaire directed by Danny Boyle and starring Dev Patel premieres at the Telluride Film Festival
30th July, 2008

Canadian professional wrestler and actor Roddy Piper, Known for his role in They Live, dies at 61
31st July, 2015

American actor and playwright Sam Shepard known for Black Hawk Down and The Right Stuff, dies at 73
27th July, 2017

French actress Jeanne Moreau, known for her role in Jules & Jim, dies at 89
31st July, 2017

American documentary filmmaker DA Pennebaker, known for his Bob Dylan documentary Don’t Look Back, dies at 94
1st August, 2019

American actor Wilford Brimley Known for Hard Target and Cocoon, dies at 85
January 1, 2021

Well there we have our picks for this week in film history between 26th July – 1st August.

Be sure to check back next week for some more fun film facts and tidbits. If you think we missed something important, be sure to let us know in the comments.

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