9th – 15th August: Discover This Fascinating Week in Film History

This week we cover the period between 9th – 15th August as we look back at the the fascinating past of the film industry. We love to celebrate the history of cinema here at More Movies and we really enjoy delving into and highlighting some of the most interesting moments in the world of movies, including milestone releases, infamous events, births and deaths of the industry’s most notable characters, along with other historic happenings.

9th - 15th August

Cecil B. DeMille, American filmmaker known for The Ten Commandments and Samson and Delilah, was born in Ashfield, Massachusetts
12th August, 1881

American actor Francis Ford, famous for his roles in Young Mr. Lincoln and The Quiet Man, was born in Portland, Maine
14th August, 1881

American actress Mary Nash, famous for her roles in The Little Princess, The Philadelphia Story and Cobra Woman, was born in Troy, New York
15th August, 1884

American actor Bert Lahr, most famous for playing The Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz, was born in New York City
13th August, 1895

American actor Jack Haley, famous for his roles in The Wizard of OzFord Star Revue and Poor Little Rich Girl, was born in Boston, Massachusetts
10th August, 1898

Hungarian actor Oscar Homolka, famous for his roles in Sabotage, The Seven Year Itch and Funeral in Berlin, was born in Vienna, Austria-Hungary
12th August, 1898

Legendary English director Alfred Hitchcock, most famous for his films PsychoThe Birds and Rear Window, was born in Leytonstone, Essex
13th August, 1899

Canadian-American actress Norma Shearer, famous for her roles in The Women and The Divorcee, was born in Montreal, Quebec
10th August, 1902

American actor Tom Tyler, famous for his roles in Code of the OutlawStagecoach and She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, was born in Port Henry, New York
9th August, 1903

American actress Jane Wyatt, famous for her roles in Lost Horizon and Pitfall, was born in Mahwah, New Jersey
12th August, 1910

American director and producer Robert Aldrich, famous for The Dirty Dozen and The Last Sunset, was born in Cranston, Rhode Island
9th August, 1918

British actor, novelist, and playwright Robert Shaw, famous for his roles in The Sting and Jaws, was born in Westhoughton, Lancashire
9th August, 1927

American actor John Cazale, famous for his roles in Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter and The Godfather Part II, was born in Revere, Massachusetts
12th August, 1935

English actor, director and singer Jim Dale, famous for his ongoing roles in the Carry On film series, was born in Rothwell, England
15th August, 1935

American musical fantasy film The Wizard of Oz, directed by Victor Fleming and King Vidor and starring Judy Garland, premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood
15th August, 1939

Scottish stage director, and stage and screen actor Ian McDiarmid, most famous for playing Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars film series, was born in Carnoustie, Scotland
11th August, 1944

American comedian, banjo player and actor Steve Martin, famous for his roles in Three Amigos!, Cheaper By the Dozen and The Pink Panther, was born in Waco, Texas
14th August, 1945

Scottish actor Ian Charleson, famous for his roles in Gandhi and Chariots of Fire, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland
11th August, 1949

American film noir Sunset Boulevard, directed by Billy Wilder and starring William Holden and Gloria Swanson, premiered at Radio City Music Hall in New York
10th August, 1950

American professional wrestler and actor Hulk Hogan, famous for his roles in Rocky III, Suburban Commando and No Holds Barred, was born in Augusta, Georgia
11th August, 1953

American film composer James Horner, famous for his work on TitanicApollo 13 and Avatar, was born in Los Angeles, California
14th August, 1953

American actor Sam J. Jones, most famous for playing the title character in Flash Gordon, was born in Chicago, Illinois
12th August, 1954

American actress Rosanna Arquette, famous for her roles in Desperately Seeking Susan and After Hours, was born in New York City
10th August, 1959

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, starring Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh, premiered in Los Angeles
10th August, 1960

Spanish actor Antonio Banderas, famous for his roles in Philadelphia, Evita and Zorro, was born in Malaga, Spain
10th August, 1960

Scottish actor and director Frank Lloyd, famous for his movies Mutiny on Bounty, Oliver Twist and Blood on the Sun, dies aged 74
10th August, 1960

American singer and actress Whitney Houston, famous for her role in The Bodyguard, was born in Newark, New Jersey
9th August, 1963

Indian actress and film producer Sridevi Kapoor, referred to as Indian cinema’s “first female superstar”, was born in Sivakasi, Madras State
13th August, 1963

Musical comedy A Hard Days Night, directed by Richard Lester and starring The Beatles, was released in the U.S.
11th August, 1964

English author Ian Fleming, famous for writing the James Bond novels, died aged 56
12th August, 1964

Musical comedy Help!, directed by Richard Lester and starring The Beatles, was released in the U.S.
11th August, 1965

American Academy Award winning actress Viola Davis, famous for her roles in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, Doubt and Suicide Squad, was born in St. Matthews, South Carolina
11th August, 1965

American actress Halle Berry, famous for her roles in X-Men The Last Stand, Monsters Ball and Catwoman, was born in Cleveland, Ohio
14th August, 1966

Bonnie and Clyde, directed by Arthur Penn and starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, was released in the U.S.
13th August, 1967

American actress Jane Darwell, best-remembered for her poignant academy award-winning portrayal of the matriarch and leader of the Joad family in The Grapes of Wrath, died aged 87
13th August, 1967

American actress Sharon Tate, famous for Valley of the Dolls and The Wrecking Crew, was tragically murdered by Charles Manson’s gang aged just 26.
9th August, 1969

American actor Justin Theroux, famous for his roles in Mulholland Drive and Inland Empire, was born in Detroit, Michigan
10th August, 1971

Hungarian actor Paul Lukas, famous for his roles in Watch on the Rhine, Berlin Express and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, died aged 76
15th August, 1971

American Academy Award winning screenwriter and actor Ben Affleck, famous for his roles in Good Will Hunting, Armageddon and Pearl Harbor, was born in Berkeley, California
15th August, 1972

American Graffiti, directed by George Lucas and starring Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard and Harrison Ford, was released in the U.S.
11th August, 1973

Western actor Edmund Cobb, Famous for Buffalo BillMotorcycle Gang and Comanche Territory, died aged 82
15th August, 1974

American actor Casey Affleck, famous for his roles in Manchester by the Sea and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, was born in Falmouth, Massachusetts
12th August, 1975

American actor John Nicholas “Dick” Foran, famous for his roles in The Mummy’s Hand, Fort Apache and Black Legion, died aged 69
10th August, 1979

Apocalypse Now, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Marlon Brando, Robert Duvall, and Martin Sheen, was released in the U.S.
15th August, 1979

American stage and screen actor Henry Fonda, famous for his roles in 12 Angry MenOnce Upon a Time in the West and On Golden Pond, died aged 77
12th August, 1982

Northern Irish actor Patrick Magee, famous for his roles in A Clockwork OrangeBarry Lyndon and Asylum, died aged 60
14th August, 1982

Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, best known for playing Thor in eight Marvel Cinematic Universe films, was born in Melbourne, Victoria
11th August, 1983

Romanian-American actor Sebastian Stan, best known for playing Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, was born in Constanța, Romania
13th August, 1983

American actress and singer Anna Kendrick, famous for her roles in Pitch Perfect, Trolls and Twilight, was born in Portland, Maine
9th August, 1985

American actress Jennifer Lawrence, famous for her roles in The Hunger Games, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, was born in Louisville, Kentucky
15th August, 1990

American actor Lakeith Stanfield, famous for his roles in Sorry to Bother You, Judas and the Black Messiah and Get Out, was born in San Bernardino, California
12th August, 1991

English actor Peter Cushing, famous for his roles in DraculaStar Wars and Dr. Who and the Daleks, died aged 81
11th August, 1994

English screenwriter and producer Joan Harrison, who often worked with Alfred Hitchcock, famous for her work on Rebecca and They Won’t Believe Me, died aged 83
14th August, 1994

American actress Loretta Young, famous for her roles in The Farmer’s Daughter and The Stranger, died aged 87
12th August, 2000

British actor and screenwriter James Booth, most famous for his role as Private Henry Hook in Zulu, died aged 77
11th August, 2005

American comedian and actor Bernie Mac, famous for his roles in Ocean’s Eleven, Soul Men and Guess Who, died aged 50
9th August, 2008

American actor comedian and actor Robin Williams, known for the films JumanjiDead Poets Society and Good Will Hunting, tragically died from suicide aged 63
11th August, 2014

American actress and singer Lauren Bacall, named the 20th greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema, famous for her roles in To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep and Key Largo, died aged 89
12th August, 2014

English actor Kenny Baker, most famous for his role as R2-D2 in the Star Wars film saga, died aged 81
13th August, 2016

Daniel Craig confirms he will play James Bond one more time
15th August, 2017

Disney Studios is the first studio to have five films earn over $1 billion each in one year with Toy Story 4, Avengers Endgame, Captain Marvel, Aladdin and The Lion King.
15th August, 2019

Well there we have our picks for this week in film history between 9th – 15th August.

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